Before the 40 days of sacrifice for Lent, the Sitges Carnaval is one heck of a party to make up for all that “missing out” to come until Easter.  It is the premier Carnaval in Spain and the population of Sitges goes up around five fold to a quarter of a million people.  It’s the place to be if you want non stop fun.  There’s dressing up, parades, cava and sangria a plenty, spectacular fireworks and just all round frivolity.  The Carnaval  culminates on St Valentine’s day this year when there is the Burial of the King of the Carnaval on the beach.  Many people, men as well as women, dress in widow’s weeds to celebrate the night.  Sitges sure knows how to party and Sitges Home wishes everyone a safe, happy fun-filled  Carnaval.


Great place, close to everything.

The Fisherman's Cottage is a really great place in a quaint street close to everything with a really nice host. Recommend it highly....

Orlaith – October 2017 (Ireland)
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